Monopoly Game Night!

I love Monopoly! Everyone loves monopoly. Sometimes it can be a little long and confusing for the little ones to play but Monopoly Junior is a great one to have for the younger ones in the house. When I got chosen for this voxbox from Influenster I was really excited, so was my little brother. The first two games we played he beat me!  The rules for Monopoly Junior are much simplified and games end fast.  However I will be introducing some harder modified rules later so we can have even more fun.  I love that we get to play with "money" and he gets to practice his math.  It allows for some fun learning.

As a kid, Hasbro board games have always played a big role in my childhood.  Games like Jenga, Scrabble, and Guess Who are very nostalgic of my younger self.  Now my brother can have this memory as well! I think board games are so important in the development of social skills, even basic math and techniques

Here he is with the game.  

Have you played monopoly? Do your family/friends get really into it? One time my friends got so mad they didn't talk to each other for a week!

It's Remembrance day on Tuesday in Canada.  Will you be attending any ceremonies this weekend?  I was actually a flag bearer in my school's ceremony.


  1. I played so much Monopoly while growing up, but never actually enjoyed it (I guess that makes me a masochist! Lol). I got suckered into playing it every time because my reasoning was: "Well, since a lot of people like it, it has to be fun, right? Maybe it'll be fun THIS time!" ChicAndAlluring.com

  2. Greta post thanks for sharing!!

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